Mastic No. 70 for Electrical Cable is a specially formulated asbestos free, water base, reinforced, intumescent fire retardant mastic, designed primarily for use on electrical or communication cables and their supporting trays, where it is either necessary or preferred to increase fire endurance time. When exposed to fire or high heat the coating intumesces (puffs up) , and forms a protective, dense foam barrier that shields the cables and trays, thereby retarding the penetration of heat and propagation of flame. Mastic No. 70 should be used where maximum fire protection is required. Dries to a tough, hard finish. Spray application at 1/16” wet film thickness results in an off white, fine stucco-like finish with dry film thickness of 31 mils.

Approvals and Standards:

  • American Bureau of Shipping – Certificate No. 90-C20232-X
  • Lloyd’s Register of Shipping Certificate No. SVG/F90/291
  • IEEE-45 Recommended practice for electric installations on shipboard
  • IEEE-383 Standard for Type Test of Class IE Electric cables, Field splices and connections for Nuclear Power Generating Stations
  • ETL Testing Laboratories Report No. 4694526 – Effect on Ampacity: Current reduction at temperature stability – Less than 1%.