Flame Control No. 50-50A Foam Kote is a VOC compliant, water base intumescent fire retardant paint, manufactured expressly for the thermal protection of polyurethane foam insulation. It dries quickly to a flat finish, having the appearance of a conventional flat paint.In the presence of heat or flame, the coating puffs up (intumesces) and forms a thick sponge-like cellular foam layer.This foam layer insulates the foam substrate from flames, reduces the penetration of heat, delays heat transfer and burn through and reduces the surface flame spread characteristics of the foam. These combined characteristics prolong the structural integrity of the foam composite assembly for both, 2 & 1/2 pound density sprayed polyurethane foams.

RECOMMENDED USES: This product is designed for use on interior polyurethane foam surfaces where it is either necessary or desirous to reduce the burn through and flame spread rating characteristics of the foam.