No. 1515 Series Ultra Hi-Temperature High Performance Industrial Heat Resistant Coatings are based on pure silicone resins with special ceramic colorants and additives. These coatings cure by catalyzation, polymerization and by subsequent fusion and complexing of the metallics and ceramics. May be used on steel, castings and other metals capable of withstanding ultra high temperatures. No. 1515 series are also suitable for use on stainless steel surfaces. They are formulated with special ingredients to minimize contamination from chlorides, other halides, sulfides, nitrates and metals which are known to induce external stress corrosion cracking. They contain no free metalic zinc and, therefore, will not contribute to embrittlement of stainless steel welds.

Use wherever the ultimate in heat resistance is required. Can be used where temperatures are above the decomposition point of conventional silicone high temperature paints. The metal substrate must be of a type that will withstand highly oxidative conditions developed at ultra high temperatures. Ordinary cold rolled steel, for example, may delaminate and fracture at these high temperatures, decreasing the life expectancy of the surface. Can be used on crackers, furnaces, manifolds, turbines and jet engine components, etc., that will be subjected to service temperatures up to 1500F (815C). Not recommended for use on the inside of ovens, stacks, etc.

Performance Information: No 1515 series cure by (1) polymerization (2) fusion of ceramics and (3) by metal complexing. The coating must be cured for a minimum of one hour at 450F (232C) before being subjected to high temperature service. During curing, the coating polymerizes, forming a string physical bond to the steel. When subjected to high temperatures the fusion of the ceramics, coupled with the metal complexing, creates a chemical – physical bond to the substrate that allows the coating to withstand temperatures up to 1500F (815C)