Flame Control No. 46081 Thermal Insulating Intumescent Epoxy Paint is a two component (catalytic epoxy) thermal insulating, semi-gloss intumescent fire retardant paint. This product is manufactured in accordance with the United States Military specification Mil-C-46081S. The coating is designed for use on Naval and Marine vessels, military and commercial aircraft, fuel tanks and storage vessels, ammunition crates, missiles, warheads and other surfaces where it is essential to obtain the maximum insulating protection under the most severe fire conditions.

Apply in two or more coats at 250-300 sq. ft./US gallon (6.1-7.4 sq. m./L) per coat. The thicker the dry film, the greater the thermal insulating properties.

Colors: White. Also available on special order in black, olive drab and most colors per US Federal Standard No. 595a