Flame Control No.999-SA High Solids/Low V.O.C. is a low temperature curing, heat resistant coating, curable at temperatures as low as 300ºF (149ºC) in sixteen hours or at 400ºF (204ºC)in one hour. No. 999-SA is formulated from a specially modified silicone acrylic resin and pure high temperature pigments. Only the finest ingredients available are used to produce this unique coating. The cured film will withstand continuous operating temperatures up to 900ºF (482ºC), see "Heat Resistance of Standard Colors" section below for specific temperature capabilities of each color. Flame Control No. 999-SA contains no saponifiable resins and is, therefore, suitable for application over zinc rich primers; also suitable for use on stainless steel surfaces where stress corrosion cracking is a major concern. No. 999-SA is formulated with special ingredients to minimize contamination from chlorides, other halides, sulfides, nitrates and metals which are known to induce external stress corrosion cracking of stainless steel. It contains no free metallic zinc and, therefore, will not contribute to embrittlement of stainless steel welds.

RECOMMENDED USES: A protective and decorative coating for use on mufflers, furnaces, boilers, stacks, pipes, and other metal surfaces that will have service temperatures up to 900°F (482°C). Can be applied direct to any metal surface that has been sandblasted to a white metal finish, or can be applied over organic or inorganic zinc rich primers. Use wherever a low temperature curing, silicone-acrylic, heat resistant coating is desired. Not recommended for use on the inside of ovens, stacks, etc.

PERFORMANCE INFORMATION: No.999-SA dries by solvent evaporation and by polymerization, however, the coating must be heat-cured for sixteen hours at 300°F (149°C) or one hour at 400°F (204°C) to obtain maximum film properties, resistance to chemicals and heat. Thoroughly cured, the coating shows remarkable ability to withstand prolonged exposure to temperatures up to 900°F (482°C) see "Heat Resistance of Standard Colors" section below for specific temperature capabilities of each color. No 999-SA is suitable for application over "Zinc Clad Inorganic Primers". The coating possesses excellent adhesion to zinc rich primers.

When applied over Zinc Clad No.1, the primer has a tendency to bleed into the No.999-SA coating, causing the colors to appear slightly lighter. The heat resistance of No. 999-SA is affected by zinc rich primers, due to the lower temperature limits of zinc primers, see "Heat Resistance of Standard Colors" section on the technical data sheet.