No. 166 Class “A” Intumescent Fire Retardant Varnish is a clear, satin finish fire retardant varnish having a Class “A” Underwriter’s Laboratories flame spread rating. When exposed to flame or high heat, the coating intumesces (puffs up) to form a thick insulating cellular foam layer. This foam layer retards the penetration of heat, thereby reducing the flame spread and smoke developed (surface burning characteristics) of combustible materials.

Flame Control No. 166 Intumescent varnish is suitable for use on wall and ceiling paneling, wood beams, columns and other such surfaces where a finish with maximum fire rating is required, and the natural appearance of the wood is to be maintained. We do not recommend this product for use on hard use areas such as floors, doors and shelving as the coating is somewhat softer than conventional coatings. In areas where there could be exposure to dampness, high humidity, moisture or water the coating may become milky. (On hard use surfaces, or in areas subject to damp and humid conditions, we suggest the use of Flame Control No. 129 and No. 130 Class “B” Fire Retardant Varnish system).

When applied to properly sealed surfaces, No. 166 dries to a clear, velvety, satin finish. On surfaces that will be subjected to handling, or where a low, semi or high gloss finish is preferred, No. 166 must be overcoated with Flame Control No. 167 ULC rated fire retardant varnish overcoat which will greatly improve the durability and cleaning ease of the finished surface.