No. 129 Varnish Base Coat and No. 130 Varnish Overcoat comprise a Class “B” fire retardant system. This system is recommended for use on wood paneling, woodwork, doors, door and window frames, and other surfaces which are subject to scuffing and handling, or may require occasional cleaning. These coatings contain no water soluble ingredients and will not leach or become milky on aging or when exposed to humidity or moisture. They are manufactured with Rule 66 mineral spirits and produce no unusually strong or unpleasant odor during application. No 130 is available in Low, Semi or High Gloss sheen.

This Flame Control Class “B” system will fulfill building and fire code requirements for public assembly areas such as restaurants, hotels, convention facilities, churches, nursing homes, etc.

Underwriter’s Laboratories (ULC) Fire Hazard Classification
When tested in accordance with ULC S102