Flame Control No. 130 is a Class "B" fire retardant varnish overcoat. Used as a topcoat for No. 129 fire retardant varnish basecoat. No. 130 is available in three sheens, low, semi or hi-gloss. These coatings contain no water soluble ingredients, and will not leach or turn white on aging or washing. No. 130 dries to a uniform sheen in approximately four hours, and is suitable for use on Interior surfaces.No. 130 is manufactured with Rule 66 Mineral Spirits and possesses no strong or unpleasant odor, during application. Note: To comply with the Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada Class "B" fire hazard classification (ratings) established, No. 129 fire retardant varnish basecoat must be applied prior to the application of No. 130.

RECOMMENDED USES: For application to all combustible surfaces, where it is either necessary or desirous to reduce the surface burning characteristics of the substrate. No. 129 and No. 130 coating system is recommended for use on wood paneling, woodwork, doors, door frames and other surfaces which are subjected to constant scuffing, handling or may require frequent washing.