No. 1212 High Temperature, High Performance Industrial Heat Resistant Coatings are based on a modified silicone resin fortified with ceramics. The system cures by solvent evaporation, polymerization and subsequently the fusion of the ceramics. Cures at 400F (204C) in one hour. Available in Silver and Black, Flat Finish. Note: Black is subject to color change at 1000F (538C), Silver will not change color.

Use wherever maximum resistance to heat and chemicals is required. This product is a high performance coating, exceeding the performance of U.S. Federal Specification No. TT-P-28. For use on interior and exterior surfaces such as stacks, pipes, stoves, mufflers and other metal parts. Resistant to temperatures up to 1200F (649C). Not recommended for use on the inside of ovens, stacks, etc.)

No. 1212 is primarily designed for use on high temperature smoke stacks, boiler fronts, doors, breaches, jet and turbine engine components, mufflers and other surfaces where curing is easily facilitated by operational heat. Provides excellent resistance to corrosive atmospheric environmental conditions as well as high temperature. Care must be taken that surface temperatures do not exceed 1200F (649C)