No 450C High Temperature Resistant Coating is a special silicone copolymer coating, designed to meet the stringent demands of a high temperature resistant coating for use on aluminized steel. The material has a low luster to enhance the uniform appearance of the aluminized steel. The curing mechanism is a combination of solvent evaporation and resin cross linking. The coating air dries to a tough finish and is designed to withstand handling shortly after application at ambient temperature (77F). Finish: Low luster Black.

Use wherever maximum resistance to heat, humidity and weather is required on manifolds, mufflers and radiators at maximum temperature of 450C (842F)

This unique coating performs as well as many pure silicone coatings, but has the distinct advantage of air curing. It has excellent adhesion to Aluminized Steel and also affords good corrosion resistance along with outstanding weather resistance